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    But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
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Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave Schillinger

Pastor Dave has served as Pastor of Holy Cross for more than 15 years. Prior to coming to Holy Cross, he served four congregations. These include Trinity, Orlando, FL; Holy Cross, Lake Mary, FL; St. John, Green Valley, IL; and St. John, Pekin, IL. His ordination took place at St. John, Pekin, IL in 1980 after he completed his studies at Concordia Seminary, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He married his wife, Bonnie in 1992 and together they parented 5 children, now all adults.

Pastor Dave and Bonnie enjoy spending time with their family. With a blended family, they have 10 children (all adults) and 23 grandchildren. They also share interest in several hobbies. One is antique cars. They own a 1974 all-original Buick convertible and a 1980 all-original Lincoln Mark 6. They enjoy attending car shows together. They also enjoy growing orchids and have a "rotating" collection. Because they live in a condo where space is limited, they only keep one or two blooming plants on site. We the plants go out of bloom, some of them are given away to others in the hobby and others go to "foster care" with a friend who nurtures them until they go back into bloom.

In 2010, Holy Cross celebrated its 50th anniversary having been founded in 1960. Pastor Dave is the third pastor to serve Holy Cross. Reflecting on his ministry over the past 15 years, he states: "Its hard to believe that so many years have gone by at Holy Cross. Yet they've been years of great happiness and fulfillment in sharing a vision of outreach to the unsaved and the nurturing of the saved in Jesus' love with the congregation. What a blessing to have the love and the support of so many people working together to make this vision a reality through the various ministries of Holy Cross."